The Basic Requirements for a Family Day Care Educator

The Basic Requirements for a Family Day Care Educator

Being a Family Day Care Educator is a rewarding career choice. For someone who loves children, working in such a career is a wise choice. When you’re passionate about your chosen career, it is less like work. 

Some people are better suited to running their own business as opposed to being an employee. Owning a Family Day Care is the best of both worlds. You are your own boss but have the support of your local Service Provider. 

It’s hard work though and can be confusing in the early stages. There are many conditions to fulfil before opening your own Family Day Care. 

Before opening your FDC, you should already have the minimum Certification III in Early Childhood Services or higher. Some Service Providers want you to have already completed it. Others may allow you to open while you are still obtaining the certification.

You must also have and maintain yearly:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management

Family Day Care and Your Family

Opening a Family Day Care will affect your entire family. It’s essential to have these discussions with your family before moving forward. Certain areas of the home are set aside for the Family Day Care and the children using your services. 

If you have pets, they need to be separate from the Family Day Care area. Similarly, if there are any smokers in the house, they cannot smoke in the home.

Additionally, every member of your household needs to have the Working with Children’s check. This check is valid for five years. It includes ongoing monitoring during that time for any criminal activity. It is not the same as a police check, which may also be required.

In the unlikely event someone in your immediate family commits a crime, your business could be at risk. It’s important to discuss the impact of a Family Day Care on the whole family. 

Depending on where you live, there may be other conditions for FDC Educators. There may also be relevant local health department rules and food safety requirements if you are providing the meals and snacks.

The “Child Care Provider Handbook” is published by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment. This handbook gives practical information about the responsibilities of care providers.

It’s also wise to understand the regulations that guide childcare in Australia. The National Quality Framework is an integral part of that. The NQF outlines the requirements for Family Day Care Educators. It would be best if you understood these responsibilities before opening your FDC.

Since you’re opening a business, there will be additional rules to follow. These are the rules that would apply to every business. As an example, you must follow the requirements for being a sole trader in Australia. Talking to your accountant is a great idea to find all this information.

Step One of Becoming a Family Day Care Educator

Once you are ready to be a Family Day Care Educator, sign up for this course, “How to Start a Family Daycare Business.” It will guide you through all the steps of opening and setting up a successful business.

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