Earning Potential for Childcare Educators

Earning Potential for Childcare Educators

The average childcare Educator salary is AU$25.34 an hour. Someone starting with less than a year’s experience can expect a wage of AU$20.98. An experienced Educator with ten plus years of experience can expect AU$30.79. As with any position, the more experienced, the higher the pay. 

Someone working in management or coordination can earn a bit more. And wages are slightly higher in larger cities because of a higher cost of living.

These figures are based on care in long day centres, working 38 hours per week and are before taxes. That works out to around AU$50,608 per year. You might also have additional expenses like uniforms and commuting costs.

Childcare Educators provide care for young children in a variety of settings. But, the two most popular are long day centres and Family Day Cares. Childcare Educators help teach children foundational skills that will benefit them throughout the schooling.

Childcare Educator Salary for a Family Day Care

There are a lot of advantages to choosing to be a Family Day Care Educator. You get to be your own boss, avoid commutes, and are in control of your earnings. You get to choose what days of the week you work. Also, you control what services you offer.

You can decide how many hours of care per week you offer as well as how many children you accept. That means that your childcare Educator salary is in your hands. 

Check out these examples to get an idea of what you can earn running your Family Day Care. Please note that names are fictional to protect privacy. All incomes listed are gross, pre-tax, and before deducting any operating expenses.

Lauren lives in Sydney, Australia. She operates her FDC Monday through Friday, offering care to four pre-school-age children. Currently, she does not provide services to school-age kids. Also, she offers no extra services. She works 50 hours per week. Her annual salary is $120,000.

Kate lives in Perth, Australia. She’s open Monday to Wednesday with four pre-school-aged children. She also offers before and after school care to three school-age children. Her annual wage is AU$79,000, working only three days a week. It works out to 30 hours per week.

Sarah lives in Brisbane, Australia. She works 65 hours per week. Her FDC is open Monday through Friday with four pre-school-aged children. She also offers weekend care for parents who work non-standard hours. Her annual salary is AU$124,000. 

Family Day Care Educator Benefits

A career as a Family Day Care Educator is rewarding in many ways. You can work the hours that fit your life, whether that’s a little or a lot. You’re in charge of your wage. By choosing to offer extra services, such as meals, weekend, or overnight care, you can increase your salary. 

As an Educator, you are responsible for shaping the future of young children by personalising education programs designed to support these little ones. As a Family Day Care Educator, you run your own business from your home, supporting your family and community.

If you feel that’s the right path for your career, you can find great information and tips on our online course – How to start a Family Day Care Business. There you’ll learn the step-by-step to embark on this rewarding journey! 

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