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How to Start a Family Day Care Business

In this course you will find everything you need to know to start your own Family Daycare Business in Australia. It’s a Step-by-Step with valuable and relevant information for those who have the desire to transform the lives of young children through their work.

Natalia Escanhoela

May 2021



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This course includes:

What you'll learn:


If you are an Early Childhood Educator, or simply love children, and would like to start your own business being able to work from home, and giving children experiences and memories that will stay with them forever, feel certain that this is possible, and you are just one step away from discovering how you can turn that love into work by opening your own Family Daycare Business!

Course Description:

In this course you will find everything you need to know to start your own Family Daycare Business in Australia.

Divided in 9 sections plus exclusive bonuses with information, guidance, tips, ideas and a lot of endearment, I transformed my 6 years of experience as a Family Day Care Educator into a Step-by-Step, for you who believe that the basis of education begins in the first years of life, and love for children can transform not only their worlds, but our next generations.

All the lessons were made from an experienced Educator.

No matter how experienced you are in the field, starting your own business can be quite challenging. I  learned a lot by making mistakes, and wasting time on things that could have been avoided if I had a guide to give me the right direction.

All this experience has made me have a much broader vision, and therefore, be able to help other Educators to make more assertive decisions and have a successful Family Day Care Business!

The content of the course was designed so that Educators can absorb and assimilate all the knowledge and put into practice each step to open their Family Day Care Business.

Within each section, students will find a lot of extremely important information, which was compiled in a didactic, clear and objective way for easy understanding.

The “How to start a Family Daycare Business” course is entirely online, which means that you have the facility to access, pause, and proceed to the next lessons at your own pace, while also being able to access it from any device at any time of the day.

Exclusive Bonuses:


A complete and exclusive checklist listing all the steps you need to follow to open your Family Daycare Business


A video showing the inside and outside areas of my Family Day Care, with tips, ideas and lots of inspirations

Creating a Smooth routine

A well-organised routine of an Educator is the secret to a successful Family Day Care


A private community where students from Family Daycare Academy can exchange their doubts, suggestions, and ideas


Students of How to Start a Family Day Care Business get a special discount on the Marketing Strategies for your Family Day Care course.


Gabi DePaula
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Wow - What a course!! The “How to start your FDC” provided me all the information I needed. Natalia has created a very organised and detailed course with videos, links, spreadsheets and ideas - all in a beautiful and easy way to understand. I’m so glad she could share her expertise and passion. You can really feel the love she has in what she does. Thanks Lala. ✨
Thais Guaraldo Leite
Read More
I have never taken a course so practical, simple to understand and complete at the same time. Natalia shows a lot of love for the daily work and also sharing experiences and paths to follow in this profession. Simply passionate and delighted with each learning!
Carol Sad
Read More
Lala’s Family Day Care became an inspiration for me. Her course was very simple to understand and complete in the same time. I am glad we crossed paths Thank you for sharing tour knowledge and for always encourage me. Love Xx
Luana Borsato
Read More
Natalia was an important person in my professional transition. Starting a Family Day Care seemed like a distant project to happen. But through the How to Start the Family Day Care Business course I learned the entire process step-by-step and as I progressed, I realised how much more secure and confident I felt to open the doors of my FDC! Today my little space is beautiful, full of joy and I love managing my own business! I feel valued and recognised for my work. Thanks to her, and Family Day Care Academy.
Jessica Neves Morona
Read More
Natalia is an incredible professional and an amazing human being! Natalia has trained and taught me a lot in my professional journey and I certainly became a better early childhood educator because of her. Natalia’s passion is contagious and her efforts to support you in your journey go beyond what you could expect. I believe she is truly passionate about early childhood education and helping people, she is also determined and patient and will give you the best information, training and support she can with an open heart. Natalia has always been by my side, guiding and showing me the best way to offer a child care and education service. Also, she has always believed in my potential which gave me confidence to keep growing and developing in my career. Natalia combines her professional expertise in administration, marketing, care and education with her incredible personal skills and always delivers an impeccable service/mentorship/job! I would highly recommend Natalia’s services, because I trust the person behind the business and know she has a lot of knowledge to share.

7 Day money-back guarantee

If you feel that my training course hasn’t been the right choice for you, send me an e-mail within 7 days of receipt, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

About the Instructor:

Natalia Escanhoela

Diploma in Early Childhood Educator, Graduated in Advertising, Business owner, Family Day Care Specialist and Adviser

I have always been passionate about children, and I believe that more than a profession, working with small human beings is actually a gift.

When I decided to put this love in the form of work and specifically, open the doors of my own business, I came across a new and complex universe, where I would have to learn and develop new skills every new day.

The challenges, changes and difficult times never stopped me. They strengthened me.

Now I keep walking in purpose and loving every moment that I am encouraging and teaching others to take flight with their career goals as Family Day Care Educators.

My greatest wish is that children benefit the most, as I deeply believe that the affection, love and attention given to these little ones can transform the world!

“Work is love made visible”

Course Content

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00 - Welcome
01 - Family Day Care General Overview
02 - Family Day Care Educator Requirements
03 - Investment and Return
04 - Approved Service Provider
05 - Setting up
06 - Right After Approved
07 - Financial Management
08 - Getting started
09 - Wrap up